Stone Poets

My beloved band Stone Poets is busy writing for our new album.  We’ll be releasing it summer 2022.  In the meantime, watch some of our videos at You can find our youtube channel there and see some videos created by Canadian artist Tim Mohan as well as some live videos.  

Can you feel the change in the air ….

Hello friends. We’ve been through a lot in the past 18 months, it’s been so overwhelming, I’m sure you can all agree.  So much has been lost.  It’s easy to focus on the negative so I decided to take the time to really focus on what I want in my life and what I can […]

Stone Poets

One of the things that keeps me going, (besides my family and friends) is music. If you haven’t yet, please check out my band Stone Poets Hope you’re having a great summer!  Peace.

Covid 19

I’m happy to see that our restrictions are slowly being lifted.  I’m dipping my toes into performing again, please check my page for upcoming shows. Stay safe friends.

Ajaye – Midnight in Bourbon

If you didn’t get a chance to hear Ajaye’s last album, check out Midnight and Bourbon Produced and recorded at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver with Sheldon Zaharko.

Thank you to our front line workers from Cindy Miller

A local paper published my sister’s letter to the editor so thought you might like to read it.   We all feel like this, Cindy stated it beautifully! Castlegar News, April 15, 2021:

Upcoming MASC

I can’t wait to share my interviews on Make a Scene Canada with Kurt Dahl March 13th,  Greg Godovitz March 27th and Angel Baribeau April 10th on You can find all my past shows there as well and don’t forget to leave on all day long.  It’s music 24/7, online all the time.

Latest interview, This House of Musicians

I had a lot of fun talking to Barry F. Smith.  Click on the read more and then on the pic and you’ll get some inside scoop on my life!  Love you, please stay safe.

Liona Boyd interview on MAKE a SCENE CANADA

I’m really excited to share my interview with Liona Boyd on my show Make a Scene Canada. Multi-award winning and Gold/Platinum selling Canadian ‘First Lady of the Classical Guitar’ Liona Boyd — and her multi-talented friend, singer/songwriter Amanda Martinez — want to wish you a very special “Happy New Year” with their newest single.   […]